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Purple Day Team Photo

Issue 1 - 31st March 2021

In this issue, we discuss Purple Day 2021, progress updates from the Epilepsy Pathway Innovation in Africa project, introduce the Oxford Martin Programme on Global Epilepsy project, share the Epilepsy and COVID-19 SUDEP Action Survey and recent epilepsy publications. 



Issue 2 - 30th June 2021

In this issue: 

  • Voices from the Field: The Oral History Project Begins

  • Developing Portable Electroencephalograms for Rural Communities

  • The Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata’s 12th Foundation Day

  • Geographical Epilepsy Survey: Updates from the Mahenge, Tanzania Team

  • Our Team’s Recent Epilepsy Publications


mhgap training in Kilifi

Issue 3 - 30th September 2021

In this issue: 

  • Epilepsy is not a dangerous disease: stakeholder meetings in Ghana

  • Healthcare workers begin mhGAP training in Kilifi, Kenya

  • EPInA and the APHRC in Nairobi, Kenya

  • Our Team’s Recent Epilepsy Publications